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Marriage out of the closet...we are in love and happy

Posted on August 3, 2011 at 2:50 AM Comments comments (166)
I've noticed a growing trend. There are many married couples who are very happy in their marriage but afraid to let others know about it. That doesn't sound like such a big deal but in today's world when all we hear is the negative about marriage this would be a breath of fresh air. However many happy in love married couples are hiding in the closet afraid to let the world know that being in an God ordain marriage can be a wonderful relationship.  
All we seem to hear and see on the TV, news, talk shows and celebrity gossip is about who is about to or have broken up after "x-number" of years of marriage. We never hear a couple just sitting around and saying how they love their spouse. Even the average everyday husband or wife are reluctant to speak up about their love and happiness when it comes to their marriage.
Someone contacted us on facebook and stated "I love my husband". I wrote back and asked "what did he do for you to declare this statement to the world?" She just stated that he didn't do anything. She said that she wanted to stop hiding the fact that she was happy in her marriage and that they did get along. She said that they did have their share of the average marital difficult seasons but they had learned how to work things out while remaining happy and in love. That the both of them had decided that they would step out of the closet and declare their true love for one another.
I asked her if I could risk asking her husband if he really felt the same way? She did not miss a beat and before I knew it her husband had sent me an email. He just stated "RevLa I love my wife very much and I have gone on facebook and stated it to the world. I will no longer hide this wonderful gift from God. I don't care who knows this. My wife and I both would like everyone to focus on the God given beauty of the union instead of who couldn't make it and how hard it is. Or should marriage be for those of the same sex. Or should marriage be open or close to other people in the union. RevLa we are not there and we like where we are".
I would like to go on record to say that this is a young couple who have been married for 3 years. I know you are saying that they haven't put enough time into it for them to see the real reality. However they are not the only ones coming out of the closet. There are couples who are boldly declaring their love and happiness who have been together for many years now. Some of them have said to me (mostly the wives) that they really didn't want to appear as if they were flaunting their marriage therefore making other ladies who were alone uncomfortable.
I do feel for those ladies who are alone or not happy in their relationship and pray for them but there is no need for me to down play my love because someone else will be unable to accept it. As long as it is not done in a malicious way then just as I accept their situation they should except mine. We should be an example that God's institution does work and as long as we are His children and ask He will provide us with the same type of happiness as well.
So married couples its time to step out of the closet and declare your love for your spouse and your happiness in your marriage. Maybe then marriage will have a better picture in today's world.
I love my husband and I'm very happy after over 30 years of being one together in Christ. Guess what guys I'm out the closet too!!!
let us know how you feel about this

Being a great couple sometimes means being apart

Posted on June 7, 2011 at 9:32 AM Comments comments (201)
Writing this post today seems strange because our emphasis here at 2R1N CHRIST is to promote marriage and relationship. So how can I say that being a great couple would have you at a place of being apart? Our bottom line goal is to establish all married couples to be individuals together becoming one in Christ Jesus. However in order to do that there are times when you just need to be a lone individual before you can really enjoy being part of a couple.
If you have been a part of this marriage ministry you understand that this is wedding season. Many couples are planning and taking that next step. We are elated and have been extremely busy. Not only that we have started our summer season of lectures and are speakers at many local and some out of town marriage ministries as well. We have started the next phase of our ministry which is to establish a social network that places God in the social mix and that is in its infancy stages so its taking a lot of work.
Let me stop here and have a quick sidebar: I must invite you all to become a disciple of the new social network FEELING GOD. Its two weeks old today and a great place to gather and fellowship.  sorry end of sidebar back to the blog post.
So to say we have been very busy and in that the regular everyday life of working and living we don't know if we are coming or going half the time. So a strange think happened last Thursday. We found out that a church who had booked us for their spring marriage ministry conference canceled. My long weekend of running around and being busy with the conference etc. was now gone. Driving home from work I had been noticing that I just didn't feel like myself in my physical. I needed something but just didn't know what it was. Thinking that maybe I needed to change my diet (which I do) I decided to stop pass this natural health store and buy some vitamins.
To my surprise once there the store turned out to have a wonderful day spa in the back. I had just missed the May specials (gee whiz) but their prices were reasonable. I set everything up for Sat. since I was free and then wondered what was I going to do with my husband.
I got home and my husband was sitting on the bed making fishing lures. He greeted me with the sunniest smile and then said " So we are free this weekend?" I answered him in the affirmative and he shouted..."great I'm going fishing Friday night and won't be back until the end of the day Sat."!. Then he looked at me and asked as an after thought if I wanted to go. I said no go have fun I have something planned.
Long story short the weekend came. He was away having a ball with one of our sons fishing and fellowshipping. And I was in heaven. I had the best "ME" day ever. I had the works and by the time I left I was walking on air and all was right with the world. I made it home had a light meal and picked up my computer to work only to listen to the Holy Spirit and put it back down. I relaxed and listened to music and just thanked God for the joy of having a day that was just about me.
My husband arrived home excited and beat but so happy. We looked at each other and knew that this day apart was so needed. We talked about each other's day and decided that we must do this more often. We ended up the evening in each other's arms more appreciative of the fact that we were together but enjoying that we could be apart and have time that was only for oneself.
Moral of the weekend. You must have a "ME" day every now and then in order to enjoy the daily couple life. Decide what you want to do and then just do it. When you come back together you have a mini date night where you talk about your wonderful time of enjoying yourself and friends if you are like my husband.
Second moral of the weekend....I've already schedule a repeat of my day in two weeks and have encouraged him to do the same.....ha,ha,ha....

Happy Wife's Day

Posted on May 16, 2011 at 8:16 AM Comments comments (116)
It was a hard day at work and I was behind with all of my end of the year reports. I wanted to be done with everything as I do most years. This should have been the time of the year that I would be at ease and just doing little things to end the school year. However this had been a very difficult year and everything was behind. Thus I was trying to complete a report that was due on the 30th of April and let's face it I was already behind and still was not nearly finished.
So as I was working at full speed and getting no where my cell phone rang with my husband's special ring. I started not to answer him and would just text him letting him know that I was busy and that I would call him back when I had time but I picked up and said "hello Honey...what's up?" He simply said "Nothing's up." He then said "HAPPY WIFE'S DAY!!!" I was silent for a moment because I just couldn't understand what he was saying. This happened to be the 6th day of May. Mother's Day was coming that Sunday on the 8th of May so I thought that he was trying to say happy Mothers day but it just seemed weird. I said "ok Honey but mother's day is Sunday." He then said "This has nothing to do with mother's day I have just created a new holiday that we will celebrate every year on the 6th day of May. Its called "Happy Wife's Day" and when you come home from getting your hair done I want you to dress up because I have a surprise for you and we are going out for my new holiday. I love you and I want you to know it!!! He then said I love you in German and we hung up.
I didn't know what to think but I smiled for the rest of the day. It was nurse's day and my boss celebrated by surprising me with lunch. We had a wedding to go to on Saturday from a couple who had been a part of 2R1N CHRIST and we had Mother's Day on Sunday. I was suddenly like a kid in a toy store. I worked on my report with a different attitude I didn't finish but I was no longer stressed about being behind. I got off and went to get my hair done. My locktian and I talked and she spoke about loving the ministry and the monthly loveazine that she received via email each month. She was excited about "Happy Wife's Day" and wanted me to let her know how it turned out.
Loving my hair and excited about the night to come I rushed home and got ready. Earlier that week I had seen a pair of diamond earrings that matched the antique ring that he gave me for my Christmas present. I was thinking that I would buy those earrings for myself this summer for my birthday. I was telling him that I was going to do that and was just talking when he went to his office and called me in. I was not paying any attention and was just talking about really nothing as wives sometime do. Suddenly he said "HAPPY WIFE DAY" and presented me with a little black box with the very earrings in them. I screamed and cried and kissed him all over.
We went out to dinner at one of the college's date night hot spots and saw all of the young couples as they looked at this vintage couple who were very much in love. To say the least the night ended in wedded bliss (if you get my meaning) and we rejoiced in the love that God had created just for us.
The next day we went to the sweetest wedding ever and people stopped to say how lovely we looked. We danced and rejoiced and gave out our cards because many people had heard about us from the couple. Then we went home changed and went to our daughters to babysit so she and her husband could go out for their first anniversary. We enjoyed being with our grandbaby and she had a good time. Our daughter and son-inlaw came home late and the baby had just woke up as if she was missing them. They were so happy to see her and we could see how loving this couple was. We went home rested then woke up for church and a loving Mother's day.
I so enjoyed having my husband create a holiday just for us. Which was all about me. It showed that he still cherished me enough to show his love. It is so true a man shows love when a woman shows respect...but then that's  a topic for another post.
The last thing I said before we went to bed ending that wonderful weekend was this...."Honey I guess now I have to create a husband's day right?" Then he said
Man got to love him.....and I think I might keep him after all
PS: My husband is currently  getting it from all of his friends who's wives were told by me about wifes's day...and are now looking for them to give them one...ha,ha,ha,
                                            Happy Wife Day

Cupcakes, Sodapop, and Fishing

Posted on April 23, 2011 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (82)
Its so much fun when married couples go away for a relaxing weekend of loving and reconnecting. The best part of it is when you start and end with a theme. During our Valentines mountain retreat of "rest, relaxation and romance we decided that we would repeat our grouping in April. Instead of going back to the mountains we wanted to go to the beach. The only problem was that the weather would not be warm but we would have the entire area basically to ourselves. We knew that the boys could not handle another weekend as we had before. They enjoyed it but made it clear that they wanted to be out and about. What they wanted just as much as us was a group Fishing adventure.
So we created a new theme. One that would embrace the ladies and cheer on the men and still end with romance. I have been working with a talented young lady who would be creating exclusive products for our webstores. I told her that I wanted a great weekend that would set the couples on fire. At the same time I wanted something sweet. We put our heads together and then came up with a perfect theme. Cupcakes, soda pop and fishing.
We had milkshake soda pops made in lovely scented candles....cupcake bath fizzies in enticing flavors that if you didn't know better you would want to eat them. We decorated the tables and areas with cupcake scenes. We had the candles and bath salts with small gift baskets of scented lotions and body sprays. I found matching lingerie that would make the men blush as it allowed the ladies to feel at the height of their sexiness. All the ladies had them in pretty pink bags with cupcake decorations on them.
We burned melon scented candles and had plates of real cupcakes in all flavors and soda pop. We produced a wonderful dinner and turned on piano love songs. Around the table was an assortment of fishing rods and fishing gear. We then called the men to come to the table. We had the doors opened and you could see the bay and see the waves and the smell of the salt bay air blended well with the melon scented candles. We had the guys full attention when they came in and saw their gear all around and a cupcake party for the girls.
That's how the weekend started and we had a ball. The men were so excited about going out fishing the next day that they came back with gifts for us. We each were given the cutest fishing rods in pink, orange and yellow. They lite up when you started to reel in the fish. They brought us hats  with matching tee shirts and sweatshirts. They were like little boys excited to be with each other and their girls.
Likewise the ladies got a kick out of playing with their cupcake theme as they opened their sexy gifts and we laughed at how and when we would wear them. We ate cupcakes and drank soda pop as our guys fished off the pier right outside of our patio. They became slightly upset when we turned down the music because they were enjoying it as well. So we kept the music going and the cupcake party going and just had a wonderful time.
Later that night we played music couple charades and just laughed and laughed. No one noticed that one by one the men excused themselves to go to the rooms. The ladies were having so much fun that we didn't pay it any attention. Soon it was time for the couples to retire and we notice that the men wanted the love songs to continue to play. When each couple went to their room they found that the doors were closed. The men opened the door for each lady and once the door was opened we could not believe our eyes. Each husband had gone to their room and set up the most romantic scene ever. There were candles burning all over the room. Sweet incense and plates of cheese crackers and fruit. Sparkling cider in grape and apple chilled.
The piano music playing in the background as the full moon lit the night sky and the waves hitting the surf from the bay. Suddenly all you heard in the entire suite was the sound of the ladies screaming with joy and surprise. Then it was our turn as we made all of the men go back to the common living area as we prepared. Each lady put on their matching tangerine nighties and called in  their husbands.
This time all you heard was the men making noise!!! Music played all night and we rejoiced in each other as we fellowshipped in the way that God created just for the married couple. The next morning the guys got up and made breakfast and then ran out to the fishing area with smiles on their faces. The ladies went to the boardwalk and road a group bike, took old times pictures for our great men ( all saloon girls with attitudes....ha,ha,ha,)we had a ball dressing up and laying on the bar. We shopped and had lemonade, cotton candy, frenchfries, and corn dogs.
The guys loved their sexy saloon girl pictures and we had more fishing gear waiting for us. We had a wonderful time. So moral of the story...if you want your guys to romance you then include something that they really like to do. Put that together with something that we really like to do then gather up some great married friends and plan a weekend to remember.
If you can't think of a theme then try ours there is nothing like: